Votes For Schools

VotesforSchools provides weekly resources for teachers to prompt impartial discussion on a challenging current issue. Our students get the opportunity to vote and comment and we ensure that their voices are heard and have an impact.

Be Informed. Be Curious. Be Heard.

At Lower Fields Primary Academy, we are passionate about our children’s voices having an impact on practice and policy- to really make a mark on their world. In addition to amplifying our weekly results, we work with a range of long-term partners who help elevate those voices to a whole new level.

This week's voting topic

Are AI-generated images too believable?

Can you tell when photos are real?

Voters are exploring the world of AI-generated images in celebration of British Science Week. Based on this, voters will be exploring the increased sophistication of images created using artificial intelligence tools, and how easy it is to tell when something is not genuine. 

Last week's voting topic

Should your role models be like you?

Do you have any role models?

Vote Topic Description

To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March, voters will be discussing role models. Younger voters have the opportunity to investigate the kinds of qualities that make someone inspiring, and consider if they have any similar figures in their lives. Meanwhile, older voters discuss the people they look up to, and reflect on whether similarity is always important when choosing a role model.