Welcome to Lower Fields Primary Academy.

We hope your child will be very happy here and that we are at the beginning a strong partnership with you.

On the 1st December 2018, Lower Fields Primary School became Lower Fields Primary Academy.

Lower Fields Primary Academy is located in Bradford and works in partnership with the Delta Academies Trust (Delta).

Our Context

Lower Fields Primary Academy is a larger than average primary academy, with 440 pupils currently on roll, ranging from Nursery to Year 6.

As an academy, we place great importance on the development of each and every child both academically and socially and emotionally. We aim to provide a wide range of learning experiences both within the classroom and beyond which will promote a lifelong love of learning and enable our children to become independent, forward thinking and socially responsible citizens of the future.

Currently 156 pupils (36.6%) are entitled to Pupil Premium compared to 23.5% nationally.

ASP 2018 shows that the school deprivation indicator is higher than the national average at 0.43 (top 20%).

Lower Fields Primary Academy serves the East Bradford area. The stability of the academy population is
decreasing and there is an increased level of transiency due to the large number of privately rented properties which are now available in the catchment area. This change in stability means that pupils are currently being admitted more frequently within the academic year, many of whom are vulnerable; have challenging behaviour or are working below national expectations.

Although the school community is quite mixed, there are 15.3% of pupils with EAL which is lower than National (21.2%) and is decreasing as the number of white British families is increasing. 45% of our pupils are from ethnic minority backgrounds compared to 32.9% nationally.