We believe that a uniform provides a sense of identity for pupils.

Only the school sweatshirts are required to have our school logo on. These and other logoed items can be purchased online via the SPT website:

All clothing and personal property must be marked clearly with the pupil’s name to ensure that the item can be returned if lost. The school cannot be held responsible for belongings that are lost in school.

School Uniform

All pupils must wear school uniform which is detailed below

Pupils from Nursery to Year 4 must wear a school uniform consisting of:

  • Blue Sweatshirt or Cardigan with the school logo on
  • White polo shirt (logo polo optional)
  • Dark grey or black trousers/skirt/pinafore ( No denim, cords, jeans , leggings , combats or other fashion trousers are allowed)
  • Plain black low heeled shoes/boots

Pupils in Year 5 and 6 are required to wear all of the above uniform but with the following changes/additions

  • A white school shirt instead of a white polo shirt (logo shirt optional)
  • A school tie

PE Kit

Pupils must bring their PE kit in a PE bag and change into it on PE days. Their PE bag and clothes must be clearly labelled with their name and class.

Clothing must be plain with no images, slogans or football shirts.

  • A white crew neck top
  • Navy blue PE shorts
  • Navy blue tracksuit bottoms/leggings
  • Black pumps /trainers

Jewellery & Make-up

For safety reasons jewellery should not be worn in school, pupils with pierced ears may wear one stud in each lobe of each ear. We strongly advise that earrings are removed for PE. Rings, bracelets and necklaces are not permitted to be worn in school. Cosmetics including make-up, nail varnish, false nails and hairsprays are not allowed in school.

Watches may be worn but are the responsibility of pupils and worn at their own risk.

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